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About So-Lo Marine

Family-owned-and-operated American manufacturers since 1897

As avid boaters & sport anglers, I, as my father, and his before, along with family, friends and members of my company, have spent countless hours, personal effort and considerable money attempting to catch “The Big One.”  We’ve been disappointed many times, when one got away, especially due to equipment failure… so we decided to FIX that.Growing up as boaters and anglers, we have gained practical experience, learned and developed a feel for our craft, needed by anglers and boaters alike.

With four generations of manufacturing and fabrication know-how, combined with our passion for being on the water, this led to a natural desire to design and build new gear and improve upon existing solutions that were already on the market.  This was the beginning of So-Lo Marine® in 1982.

Our goal is, and has always been, to use over 118 years of our developed manufacturing capabilities and know-how to produce the finest quality marine products and purpose-built gear to deliver superior products to the marketplace.

As a division of The Hawie Manufacturing Company, So-Lo® has raised the bar and earned a reputation for quality, know-how and innovation.

Bring us on board!  So-Lo’s got you covered with a boatload of solid, dependable products for your boating and fishing needs.

So-Lo® gear is made, with great pride, in Bridgeport, CT, U.S.A., Earth, by American working families.  We stand by all of our products to meet or exceed the highest of standards… YOURS!

From our families to all of you:  We ALL thank you for your support!

Tight lines!  Hope to see you on the water…

Michael G. Hawie
So-Lo Marine®

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