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Ahoy So-Lo customers!

We like to stick fish, but not our supporters...

PLEASE NOTE that we are trying to make our shipping calculator play nicely with our website.  While we work on this, PLEASE KNOW that we are aware of the glitch and will refund ALL unnecessary shipping charges that you see in your shopping cart, so PLEASE, shop away.  If you feel that the shipping charge is unreasonable, you're probably right (and we'll refund you right down to the ACTUAL shipping cost from our carrier).

Give us a holler, if you're concerned, but rest assured that we won't keep you on the hook for those charges.

We'll have this issue resolved in short order.  In the meantime, I thank you for your your good humor and faith in our integrity while we work on wrangling those numbers back into line for us...  technology is very often NOT "our" friend.

Tight lines & smooth sailing,
Michael Hawie
So-Lo Marine
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