60° Flush-Mount Rod Holder – 400-01



Mounting plate dimensions are 4-3/8″ long and 3-15/16″ wide. The tube is 9″ deep and holds a 130# class rod very comfortably. The compact design of So-Lo® rod holders makes them stronger than all other manufactured rod holders. So-Lo makes three flush mount rod holder models. STANDARD60° (400-01), TRANSOM75° (400-02) and 90° (400-03). So-Lo’s exclusive TRANSOM ROD HOLDER is a 75° flush mount, designed specifically for use on a boat transom where a standard rod holder has too much angle to fit comfortably through the covering board. In replacing a 90° rod holder, which is commonly used for this purpose, So-Lo’s TRANSOM ROD HOLDER angles the rod tip back toward the fish (where it is supposed to be). When not in use as a fishing rod holder, the TRANSOM ROD HOLDER doubles as a flagpole socket, the mount for a So-Lo BOARDER, or the mount for a Bar BQ Grille. The TRANSOM ROD HOLDER is also ideal for use on “rocket launchers” and “leaning posts”.

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