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So-Lo® ANGLE ROD HOLDER (400-51) (all Stainless Steel construction) is an extension rod holder built on a 30° angle and fits into a standard flush mount rod holder. The gimbal end cap is indexed at 45° increments which allows you to set your rod outboard or inboard at 30° or 15°. When anchored or drifting and the drift (or chum slick) goes one way and your boat goes the other way, index the ANGLE ROD HOLDER to the drift. “Keep your rod tip pointed in the right direction”. All seams are fully welded. The gimbal pin is stepped, snapped in place, is fully welded thru the tube and “will not break out”! TheWISHBONE & ANGLE ROD HOLDERS are rated for 130# class equipment and are a must for “canyon fishing”.

When used in conjunction with So-Lo® WISHBONE ROD HOLDER, you can spread three standard length boat rods evenly across a 20′ to 25′ outboard boat (30° outboard, centered, and 30° outboard).

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