Cluster Rod Holder for Standard 60° Rod Holders – 400-55



So-Lo® CLUSTER HOLDER™ is all Stainless Steel construction and converts one standard rod holder to a practical, convenient 5 rod “Fishing & Storage Unit.”  Place the So-Lo® CLUSTER HOLDER™ in a forward cockpit rod holder and fish from one holder in the So-Lo® CLUSTER HOLDER™. When you “Hook Up” there are four extra holders in one spot – out of the way for other rods and equipment. When Canyon Fishing, nothing keeps a cockpit organized and equipment accessible like a So-Lo® CLUSTER HOLDER™.

When live-baiting and you hook up or pick up and run, put your live baits in separate pails, in one place, out of the way!

The So-Lo® CLUSTER HOLDER™ is also very convenient for rod and reel wash-down, setup and repairs, line transfer from one rod to another, and general equipment storage when running – all in one place, out of the way. Put an end to damaged rod tips, guides, reels, and tangled lines. Concentrate on landing your fish, not avoiding your rods. The So-Lo® CLUSTER HOLDER™ fits all standard rod holders and will hold five straight or bent butt 130# class rods.

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