Flying Gaff Handle 60 ¾” Length – 295-16


  • Approx. 60.75″ O.A.L.
  • Approx. 72″ O.A.L. Rig w/ Flying Gaff Hook
  • Hook Sold Separately


So-Lo’s FLYING GAFF has a patented ADJUSTABLE TENSION RELEASE which allows you to preset the tension you want for your type of fishing, and know your flying gaff will release – when you want it to release – first time every time! The stainless steel and Acetal coupling has adjusting rings for setting the exact tension you are comfortable with. Set the tension with the scale you set the drag or your reel or “custom set it” by “trial and error”. When you “wire” your fish, the flying gaff hook will penetrate, “first time every time” when preset properly. After the hook sinks in, it will smoothly release from the handle, “every time”. There is no need to worry about the fish “rolling the wrong way”, saltwater “freezing the release” or “Breakaway Line” not releasing properly!

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Weight 30.00 lbs


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