Rod Holder Conversion Adapter – 2″ Gimbal Lifter – 400-59



So-Lo® CONVERSION ADAPTER (400-59) (all Stainless Steel construction) is an insert which fits into all standard rod holders. It quickly and easily locks in place “short butt” (straight and bent) stand up type fishing rods. The adapter shortens the distance to the gimbal pin, engages the gimbal butt on your rod, preventing it from turning, and keeps your reel off the covering boards. (it also keeps most spinning reels off covering boards).So-Lo® SWIVEL ROD HOLDER CONVERSION ADAPTER (400-58) (all Stainless Steel construction) was designed to adapt filet tray bases, boarders, etc., to the limited duty “Drop-in Rod Holder Swivel (400-70)”. It also engages your short rod gimbal butts and performs the same as So-Lo’s CONVERSION ADAPTER.

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